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SiNG Party Review

Karaoke on the Wii U just makes sense. Granted, we’ve seen plenty of singing games on every home console over the past decade (as my collection of packed-in USB microphones will attest), but the Wii U comes with a built-in advance that no ...

3 years ago
Game Review

This one’s for the wife. Seriously.

Karaoke Revolution and Glee. Separately, they can strike fear in the hearts of men across North America. Fear of losing control of both our televisions and our game systems. Put them together, it’s like Godzilla with nuclear missiles. Ok, ...

6 years ago
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Disney Sing It: Pop Hits Review

As a 33 year-old father, in one respect I am definitely not the target market for Disney Sing It: Pop Hits, which seems like a game tailor-made for a 9 year old girl’s slumber party. On the other hand, as someone who could be father of that ...

6 years ago
Game Review