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If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been in this situation. You’re standing in front of a wall of video games, or the toy aisle, or in a book store, and your child is just begging you to get them the new toy/book/video game/DVD that they’ve always wanted. Is it a good value? Will they still be enjoying it in a week? Will it still be in one piece? Is it more violent than you are comfortable with?

That’s a lot of questions for parents to answer, and you can’t be an expert on everything your family wants to enjoy. That’s where GamerPops comes in: we are your best resource for family-entertainment reviews and insight.

As parents, we believe that the best way to ensure our children are having positive, healthy experiences with their toys, games and other entertainment is for parents to be informed and involved. Our aim is to provide parents with the informative reviews and blog posts that can help them best the decisions with their family entertainment dollars.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Let us know so we can make GamerPops the best resource for gaming parents.

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