Skylanders Universe Chronicles 4

Skylanders Universe Chronicles Review

With the release of Skylanders Trap Team only weeks away, it’s time to refresh yourself on the heroes, villains and locations in the Skylands. Fortunately, Dorling Kindersley’s Skylanders Universe Chronicles is up to the task. Ideally, ...

7 days ago
Book Review

Ultimate Factivity Collection Review

My kids are HUGE fans of Dorling Kindersley’s sticker collections (and stickers on almost every surface in the house to prove it!), but they’ve really taken those books up a level with their new Ultimate Factivity Collection books. They ...

1 month ago
Book Review

Go Green! A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle Review

Environmental books for kids are usually a pretty straightforward affair, with a few familiar tips and ideas for kids about living a greener life. What makes Go Green! A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle, a new book mixing Mickey Mouse and an ...

2 months ago
Book Review
LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary 2

LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Review

Bedtime with a four year-old is quite often a challenge, as you might know. So anything that can make getting my son into bed and reading is always welcome in our house, which is why I’m very happy that Dorling Kindersley’s LEGO Star ...

3 months ago
Book Review
Star Wars Jedi Battles & Sith Wars

Star Wars Jedi Battles & Sith Wars Review

It’s been an exciting week for Star Wars fans of all ages, with the announcement of the new cast, new books, Star Wars Day on the horizon, and in my household, my son’s newfound love for all-things Star Wars. Since that means we need to ...

4 months ago
Book Review
Muppets Character Encyclopedia Review - The Great Gonzo

Muppets Character Encyclopedia Review

With Muppets Most Wanted arriving in theatres shortly, Dorling Kindersley’s Muppets Character Encyclopedia is a great way for you and your kids to get ready for the new movie. But what if your kids don’t share your love for Kermit and ...

5 months ago
Book Review
Disney Infinite The Essential Guide 2

Disney Infinity: The Essential Guide Review

Disney Infinity is Disney’s smart answer to Activision’s Skylanders. Using a similar mix of great looking toy figures and video game, it’s been a big hit with almost limitless potential to continue growing. Dorling Kindersley have ...

6 months ago
Book Review
Pokemon Visual Companion

Pokemon Visual Companion Review

From the original Gameboy days until today, Pokémon games have provided much more than entertainment, especially for kids. With a heavy emphasis on strategy, and the need for strong literacy and math skills, Pokémon games should be at the top of ...

6 months ago
Book Review
Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide

Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide Review

Dorling Kindersley’s Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide is a who’s who and what’s what of the Halo 4 universe, covering everything from the characters to the hardware. Each one page profile looks at a specific aspect of Halo 4, ...

7 months ago
Book Review
LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster 1

Lego Star Wars Brickmaster Battle For The Stolen Crystals Review

Dorling Kindersley‘s Brickmaster books have always been a great idea, serving up LEGO with a side of literacy. That definitely remains the case with LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster Battle For The Stolen Crystals. Set during the Clone Wars, the ...

8 months ago
Book Review

Skylanders Swap Force Signature Series Guide Review

Given how immensely popular Skylanders are with kids, it’s somewhat surprising that with all the spin-off products in stores, there aren’t really that many books. That means that while the Skylanders Swap Force Signature Series Guide ...

9 months ago
Book Review

Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode Guide Review

The Clone Wars animated series is, for me, the best thing to happen to Star Wars since The Phantom Menace obliterated 15 years of expectations. Whereas the prequel trilogy was a stilted, lifeless mess, The Clone Wars was the exact opposite: well ...

11 months ago
Book Review
Marvel Year by Year Cover

Marvel Year by Year – A Visual Chronicle Review

Over more than 70 years, the superheroes of Marvel comics have been fighting evil and saving America, Earth, and the universe in adventures too numerous to pack into one book. That hasn’t stopped Dorling Kindersley from trying, with the newly ...

12 months ago
Book Review
SWCV Cover

Star Wars Complete Vehicles Review

I love the idea that somewhere, at a drawing table, there’s an illustrator who sits down and thinks about where exactly to put the magnetic bottle regulators on Anakin Skywalker’s Airspeeder, and then perhaps wonders what exactly ...

12 months ago
Book Review

LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Review

If there’s one universal truth about Star Wars, it’s that everybody loves Yoda. Young or old, original trilogy fan or newcomer, people love Yoda. With the small Jedi Master now starring in his own LEGO animated series, Dorling Kindersley ...

1 year ago
Book Review

Channing O’Banning and the Rainforest Rescue Review

Every child deals with their emotions in different ways. Channing O’Banning, star of a new series of chapter books aimed at 5-10 year olds, draws in her sketchbook. Whether she’s frustrated or happy, Channing puts her feelings on the ...

1 year ago
Book Review

Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel

Superman is arguably the most iconic character of the 20th century (I’d say it’s between Supes and Mickey Mouse), with a history that’s fairly well known: the last son of a dying planet, sent to Earth in a rocket ship where he ...

1 year ago
Book Review
A big guy

A Big Guy Took My Ball Review

A Big Guy Took My Ball is the latest adventure of Mo Willems’ kid-friendly duo and best friends Elephant Gerald and Piggie. Piggie has found a new ball, and she was having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, a big guy (a blue whale as it ...

1 year ago
Book Review
LEGO Minifigure 2

LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia Review

From Cheerleader to Mr. Gold, the LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia details all 160 figures released to date as part of LEGO’s individually sold Minifigures. With ten waves already released, and certainly more on the way, this book ...

1 year ago
Book Review