My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle Review

My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle Review

At the end of the third season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the main character Twilight Sparkle became a true pony princess, earning wings to go along with her magic unicorn horn (I know this, because I’m clearly an awesome dad! [Or a shameless Brony. – Ed.]). In celebration of this very important moment in Equestria, Hasbro have created an all new Princess Twilight Sparkle that’s sure to be on a whole lot of Christmas lists this year.

That’s because this Princess Twilight Sparkle is easily the biggest and most interactive My Little Pony toy to date (not counting plush versions). It talks, sings, moves, and lights up, to the delight of young children.


Princess Twilight Sparkle does it all

Standing a regal 14″ tall and with a wingspan of nearly a foot, this Twilight Sparkle would be sure to impress children even if all she did was stand there. Of course, Twilight does much more than that. Her unicorn horn and wings light up, she talks and sings, and her head and eyes move while she talks.

Some of these actions are triggered by pushing a button on her cutie mark, while her wings will light up just by touching them. Twilight’s hooves have wheels on the bottom so she can roll around the house, causing her to talk and her wings to flap and light up.

She looks and sounds like Twilight Sparkle, but…

One of the reasons I love my daughter watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is that the show stands apart from a lot of cartoons for girls with great characters and stories that aren’t just “let’s go to the mall and then make a cake”. Twilight and her friends have strong, distinct personalities, but that just isn’t captured in the bland and generic dialogue, which you might hear from any talking doll.

Dear Hasbro, thank you for an off switch!

Fortunately for parents, Twilight has an on-off switch, which will keep her from singing and shining all through the night when children want to cuddle with her in bed.

Is Twilight for all Pony fans?

Princess Twilight Sparkle should be loved by any My Little Pony fan, but it might be most beloved by younger fans who will get more of a kick out of the lights and sounds. I have a feeling, based on my daughter’s experience, that older Pony fans (6+) might end up preferring the creative play they can have with other Pony toys, while younger kids (3-5) will be more likely to appreciate everything that this Twilight Sparkle offers.

The GamerPops Recommendation

Are there any My Little Pony fans that aren’t going to totally love this super-sized version of Princess Twilight Sparkle? I think it’s safe to say the answer is no. This Princess Twilight Sparkle moves, talks, lights up, and is bigger than any other My Little Pony toy.

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