An “interview” with Max Steel

WC Fields once said “never work with children or animals”, and now we understand where he was coming from.

At Toronto’s FanExpo this year, we had a fun opportunity to speak with the “real life” Max Steel, star of the Disney XD animated series. We thought it would be a fun idea to have Jeff’s kids join us at FanExpo and do the interview, since they watch the show and know all about Max Steel’s adventures.

Seemed like a really great idea, and we prepped in the van on the way there, with questions they could ask, things they wanted to learn from Max, etc. Then we get to the Mattel Booth at FanExpo, and all our prep work was for naught. Because instead of asking their questions about Max’s favorite power, or his most difficult challenge, we got this:

On the plus side, Max Steel was clearly a very friendly chap. :D

We also had the chance to preview a two-part Max Steel episode that will air next month as part of the series’ second season, and it was essentially wall-to-wall action filled with monsters and robot-enhanced heroes, which clearly appeals to pre-tween boys. Jeff’s kids were much more comfortable and into that.

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