Madden 25 Review

Madden 25 Review

Madden 25 is a huge game. With so many game modes to choose from (both online and offline) the game is almost overwhelming the first time you load it up. But it’s also, as usual, an outstanding football game that offers a little something for everyone, wrapped up in the slick polish that EA Sports is known for.

You can still just hop in and play a single game, but that option is almost buried beneath the full seasons, multiple franchise modes, fantasy drafts, tutorials, the Madden Ultimate Team mode, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. But while Madden 25 should have something to appeal to every NFL fan, it’s also got plenty of appeal for NFL families.

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It certainly helps that the game on the field also seems more accessible than in recent years. I’m not sure if it was a conscious effort by the developers, or just the end result of years of tinkering and the new pistol/option/college offenses impacting the NFL game, but playing offense in Madden feels more wide open and easy to jump into than it has in a generation.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can just jump in and start winning, but you and your children can have fun, and that’s what’s important. Gameflow remains a key part of this, choosing an ideal play for your situation, rather than forcing you to parse through one of many hefty playbooks. You can also turn off Gameflow if you want a more old-school experience, but even purists can learn to appreciate the relative simplicity.

In the game, the two main modes are the franchise mode and the Madden Ultimate Team, each of which offer a deep and engaging experience adding plenty of gameplay on top of the on-field action. Madden Ultimate Team, a mix of card collecting, fantasy football, and Madden remains as addictive as ever, as you compete in challenges to earn points to purchase new packs and cards to (hopefully) upgrade your roster. Team chemistry has been brought back to the game, so now it’s not just about accumulating the best players, but building a lineup with players who share a common philosophy and skill set.

This mode also features micro-transactions, letting you use real money to purchase card packs for an instant boost. Parents will definitely want to keep an eye on their kids with this mode, because unattended children could very easily rack up a few costly purchases! There are also auction and trade options for building your roster as well, and online seasons to pit your collection of players and strategies head to head against other players. The one downside is that you need contract cards to keep the players you want on your roster, and while you can earn them through the game, if you or your kids are really serious about building your Ultimate Team, it’s almost a given that you’ll be spending real dollars.

The franchise modes are even deeper, offering options to be a player, a coach, or an owner, with different responsibilities and play options for each. Whether your goal is to become a Hall of Fame quarterback or to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to London, Madden 25 gives you the tools to choose your fate, though EA could definitely put in some time making the coach and owner modes quicker and more dynamic.

All of that depth of gameplay adds up to tremendous value as well, which is also something that we appreciate. If you try out all the game modes and explore what Madden has to offer, you’ll probably get done with everything just in time for whatever they call next year’s Madden title.

The GamerPops Recommendation

It should come as no surprise though that Madden 25 is an outstanding and ridiculously deep title, given the evolution and growth of the franchise over the past quarter century. EA Sports have once again created an outstanding football experience that offers something for every fan of the NFL.

But just as importantly (from our perspective anyway), Madden 25 is also a game that football-loving families can enjoy, either together as a group or for the kids on their own.

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