Flutterbye Fairy Review

Flutterbye Fairy Review

As a parent, I like to think that I know what my kids will and won’t like. And I’m usually pretty good, but sometimes they surprise me and prove me wrong. That was the case with the Flutterbye Fairy from Spin Master Toys, a toy that my kids liked a whole lot more than I had expected.

A much cuter cousin of Spin Master’s line of Airhogs helicopters, the Flutterbye Fairy floats like a helicopter, but lacks the steering ability or the remote controls of a helicopter. Instead, the fairy lifts off from her plastic base and hovers in the air, with children able to hold their hands beneath the fairy to steer her a bit. Steer her high enough and she’ll inevitably bounce off the ceiling and ricochet around the room. That’s the part that hooked my kids, who laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. Clearly, they loved it a lot more than I had thought, and it didn’t take them long to figure out how to fly and steer her around the family room.

When she’s not being bounced off the ceiling and the furniture, the Flutterbye Fairy does fly rather well. Plug her in to her base for about 30 minutes to get 5 minutes of flight time (using a hefty 6 AA batteries), then push the big button and her “wings” will spin rapidly and she’ll lift off and fly. To minimize crashing, only fly her indoors, preferably in as open a space as possible. I wouldn’t fly her outside, or she might end up on the roof, in a tree, or disappearing into someone else’s yard.

What I do like, as a parent, is that the Flutterbye Fairy also provides an opportunity to talk to your kids about the science of flight. I asked my children questions about how she floats, why she goes higher when you put your hand under her, and how you can steer her without touching her, and while I didn’t expect them to know, it was great to have the opportunity to discuss the topic and give them a very basic introduction.

The GamerPops Recommendation

I’m not sure how popular the Flutterbye Fairy will remain in the long run, but the Flutterbye Fairy is a nice addition to Spin Master’s flying toys lineup that should entertain children as well as open the door to the science behind flying and helicopters.

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