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Sid the Science Kid – Sid Wings It! Review

Sid the Science Kid – Sid Wings It! Review

Last time we checked in with Sid the Science Kid, he and his friends were visiting the Science Museum for their first movie-length adventure. Well, Sid and company are back on DVD once again, but this time with Sid Wings It!, a collection of four episodes of the TV show that share a similar theme: Technology and Engineering.

In this collection, Sid and his friends Gabriella, May, and Gerald are leaning about flight, computers, and engineering. Well, flight, computers, and engineering at a pre-school friendly level anyway.

sid wings it

That’s what makes Sid the Science Kid such a great choice for children and for parents: it’s really hard to find a better combination of entertainment and education for your pre-schoolers. Not only does it talk to kids at their level (and not down to them), but it teaches science in an authentic way. Each episode starts with Sid having a question and sharing it with his friends, followed by research and experiments with their teacher. And at the end, Sid, his friends, and the youngsters that have been watching, have learned something new.

In the DVD’s four episodes, Sid looks at flying with jet engines, computers, research, and engineering, which are not necessarily topics that will appeal to every child, but they are definitely things that all kids need to learn about. And the different episodes feature a field trip to the science centre, a visit from Sid’s mom, and more. The DVD also pulls out all of Teacher Susie’s songs so kids can watch and listen to them individually, which is a very nice touch.

Sadly though, our time with this DVD kind of confirmed that my 6-year-old daughter has moved on from Sid and I think my 4-year-old son is leaning the same way. I’m hoping we can maybe get one more year out of him as he starts junior kindergarten, but if not, I’ll have fond memories of watching the beginning of each episode with my daughter when she was 3, before I had to head off to work. Gerald, I will miss you most of all. 🙂

Sid Wings It!

The GamerPops Recommendation

I really can’t say enough good things about Sid the Science Kid. If your children are watching TV or DVDs, this is a show they need to be watching, and the Sid Wings It! DVD is a great choice, collecting four technology-themed episodes for your children to watch anytime they like. In fact, it should be encouraged!

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