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Disney Interactive and Harmonix are bringing Fantasia to life

Disney Interactive and Harmonix are bringing Fantasia to life

I love game announcements that come out of nowhere, and today’s announcement of Fantasia: Music Evolved definitely qualifies. Harmonix Music systems, the folks best known for inventing the modern music games with Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, are teaming with Disney Interactive to produce a different kind of music and motion game based on Disney’s classic Fantasia.

Available exclusively in 2014 for the Xbox 360 and the upcoming XBox One, Fantasia: Music Evolved uses the Kinect sensor to cast you as an apprentice sorcerer exploring a magical world while use your body to manipulate and mix songs (from 25 artists and including original and remixed versions) and change the landscape. Check out a nice tease of the game in the video below, but you can see this isn’t going to be about trying match dance moves, but instead using your movements to control and shape the song.

So, definitely not your typical rhythm game, and something that families should definitely be intrigued about. We’ll definitely look forward to more details emerging at E3 and in the coming months.

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