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Toontastic Jr. Shrek Review

The world of Shrek is a favourite in our house, as it likely is in yours. Our kids (and even we) love the movies and the mashup of classic fairy tale characters. Now, with Toontastic Jr. Shrek, part of the Toontastic Jr. series of apps, your kids can create their own adventures in Far Far Away.

Toontastic Jr. makes it easy for anybody to create their own mini movies in the Shrek universe. Simply choose a beginning, middle, and ending, and after a short intro to set up each scene, you can use your finger to move the characters around, add your voice (and those of your friends if you wish) to have them speak. Once you’ve finished all three acts, you can watch your movies and share them. The interface is very intuitive, and kids can pretty much figure the whole thing out on their own.

Toontastic Jr. Shrek the Wheel of Adventure

Behold! The Wheel of Adventure!

This app is great for kids to explore their creativity while giving them a framework within which they can operate so they don’t get overwhelmed. The scenes are all drawn in a cute cartoony style and they’re all pretty tame. That is, until the kids get a hold of them. Let’s just say that my 5-year-old son’s movies turned a 4+ app into 12+ app with a couple of his scenes. Still, that creative freedom is great for kids to let their imaginations wander, and end up with something that has top notch presentation values.

I reviewed a pre-release beta code that had some crashing issues on my iPhone 4S. Hopefully the finished product will be a bit more stable. Also, if you have an iPad 2, you might want to check your microphone, as I could not record voice with mine.

Toontastic Jr. Shrek Wedding Day

Shrek stars in The Wedding Crasher

The GamerPops Recommendation

Toontastic Jr. Shrek is a fun way to let your kids create their own mini stories in the Shrek universe. The simple interface gets out of the way and lets their imaginations run free to create whatever tales in the Kingdom of Far Far Away. It doesn’t do much else, but what it does, it does really well and is worth a look at $2.99 if you have Shrek fans that want to create their own adventures.

A pre-release code was provided to GamerPops.

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