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Sid the Science Kid: The Movie Review

Sid the Science Kid: The Movie Review

Sid the Science Kid and his friends have been a staple in our house pretty much since my daughter first discovered television, a show we would watch together literally every day before I had to head off to work. Heck, I still have the theme song memorized. So when Sid the Science Kid: The Movie comes along, you can be sure that’s a movie we’re going to enjoy.

For unfamiliar parents, Sid the Science Kid is a PBS cartoon focused on education, with each episode teaching one simple scientific concept in an easy-to-understand way, complete with experiments that families can do at home, all seen through the eyes of four preschoolers. In short, it’s exactly the kind of show that parents should want their children watching.

After 60 episodes full of classroom adventures, Sid is off on his biggest experiment yet in Sid The Science Kid: The Movie, a new full-length DVD, mixing familiar elements and friends with a completely new adventure that casts aside the TV shows’ familiar template.

Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

The plot of Sid the Science Kid: The Movie is simple and kid friendly, with Sid and best friend Gabriella winning a contest and a trip to the new Super Ultimate Science Museum, which by the looks of things cost about $17 billion to make. Filled with giant exhibits, anamatronics, robotic tour guides, and the wacky scientist Dr. Bonabodon (voiced with appropriate mad scientist-ness by Christopher Lloyd), it offers endless learning opportunities for our young scientists, and a name that, quite frankly, needs to be adopted by a real life museum.

Unfortunately, May and Gerald don’t get to make the trip, which is too bad, because more Gerald is never a bad thing! Instead, Sid and Gabriella are joined by YangYang and NiuNiu, a pair of older kids from China who also won the chance to see the museum before anyone else. By pairing Sid and Gabriella with older kids, it does put them out of their comfort zone, which is probably a feeling that most kids that age are starting to understand, but they also have the opportunity to teach the older kids a few lessons as well.

Plenty of learning and silliness ensue, as the four kids explore the museum (without adult supervision, naturally). They learn about dinosaurs, physics, weather, and more, until their tour guide Bobbybot malfunctions and threatens to ruin the grand opening of the science museum. It’s up to Sid, Gabriella, YangYang, and NiuNiu to use their scientific knowledge to save the day. And of course, there are even a few of Sid’s terrible jokes (that your kids will love!).

The science lessons are a little more superficial and less in-depth (relatively speaking, for a preschool cartoon show) than a regular episode of the show, but at the very least it points kids in the right direction to want to learn and explore. They are geared to a fairly young level though, which will appeal to viewers in preschool or kindergarten, but probably not too much older than that.

At 75 minutes, the movie is also just the right length. It’s long enough to provide a substantial enough story that feels much bigger than a regular episode, but not so long that it’ll lose the interest of its audience of preschoolers and early years students.

The DVD release is very barebones, featuring only the movie and a few trailers for other kid-friendly DVD releases. A couple of bonus episodes of the show or some resources for parents who want to help their kids continue learning would have been nice, but with a very budget-friendly price of $12.99, it seems acceptable.

The GamerPops Recommendation

Perhaps the best testimonial of all for Sid the Science Kid: The Movie is that once we finished watching the DVD for the first time, my kids wanted to know when we could go to the science center or the “dinosaur museum”. So not only were they entertained, but they were also inspired to learn and explore science. As a parent, I’m never going to complain about that.

Whether your kids are already fans of the TV show or now, Sid the Science Kid: The Movie hits the sweet spot, mixing education and entertainment in a way that deserves a spot in your family’s collection.

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