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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Who are the The Jedi? & What is a Sith Warrior? Review

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: somewhat surprisingly, it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. But with all the buzz about Disney’s plans for new movies, fans should definitely not forget about the Clone Wars TV show, which has been carrying the Star Wars torch for the past couple of years, and doing a fantastic job in the process.

Dorling Kindersley has published a pair of new 96 page books that explore the world of the Clone Wars, the epic galaxy-spanning conflict that paved the way for the evil Emperor to wield power. Similar in structure to the prequel-focused pair of titles we reviewed earlier, this complementary pair of books focuses on the light and dark sides of the Force as seen through four years of cartoon episodes.

Who are the Jedi? shines a spotlight on the heroes of the Clone Wars, Jedi Warriors like Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, as well as their associates, enemies, and key story points. What is a Sith Warrior? focuses on the Force-wielding villains like Count Dooku, Darth Maul, and Savage Oppress and their nefarious plans to defeat the Jedi and rule the galaxy.

Each of the books is structured nicely for young readers, with each two page spread asking a single question such as “Can the Sith really trust Cad Bane?” and “Can a Jedi defeat a zombie?”, then answer it with short blocks of text and trivia. Newer readers can work on finishing two pages at a time, or more, but the format makes it easy for parents to encourage their kids to learn about their favorite characters in an easy-to-manage way.

What really jumps out, especially to parents who grew up with the movies, is the depth of content. The Clone Wars TV show is able to provide so much more quality character and story because of the masterful job that the show’s creators have done in fleshing out that time period, including adding a lot of depth to the roster of villians, which was extremely shallow in the prequel trilogy. While the show is very much made for a younger audience, grown ups can certainly enjoy it as well, and these books also provide an excellent bridge for parents to share along with their children.

The GamerPops Recommendation

Who are the Jedi? and What is a Sith Warrior? should be good for getting young fans of the cartoons reading, encapsulating the first four years of the cartoon in a highly visual, easy to read format. While not a chronology or timeline of the series, they also offer a useful way to catch up on much that has happened in the show. In that regard, these books can also be a good companion/introduction to kids just discovering the show for the first time. Though if you do buy them the books before they get into the show, you may want to also pick up the DVD set of the first season.

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