Skylanders 3 May be Called Super/Nano/Swap Force or Kaos Alliance

Andy Robertson (@geekdadgamer) is a freelance journalist who runs a Family Game Reviews website (a fellow partner in the Family Video Game Experts) and produces the Family Gaming YouTube channel. 

Andy Robertson (FGTV) sat down with Paul Reiche to ask about the possibility of an upcoming announcement  at the New York Toy Fair (next week). Reiche raised an eyebrow and seem to suggest this might be likely, while not explicitly confirming it.

If they do announce Skylanders 3 at the New York Toy Fair this would fit with other evidence coming in about URL’s linked to Activision that may give away the name of the next game. Just the other day News came from Fusible about some Skylander domains registered by MarkMonitor, who already manage, that may indicate the name of the new game. Fusible prides itself for “sleuthing out stories based on [its] research of domain acquisitions, domain sales, company trademark filings” and spilled the beans on four possible names for the next iteration of Activision’s game: “On January 30, 2013, four names were registered:,, and”

As Robertson says in his Forbes post about a possible Skylanders Swap Force / Nano Force / Kaos Alliance / Super Force, it certainly would fit with some of the technological and toy advances they are known to have made.

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Andy Robertson is a freelance gaming expert for the BBC and runs Family Gamer TV.

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