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Battle of the Sexes

Family board games are great, but when families get together and the kids are off playing on their own, a good board game can fit the bill. Spin Master’s updated Battle of the Sexes fits nicely in the category, though don’t be expecting a cheeky or risque appearance. Instead, Battle of the Sexes is a gender-based trivia battle, in which teams of men and women go head to head to see who can answer questions about the other sex.

battle of the sexes

The drawback is that the game hypothesizes that there are things only women should know, and things that only men should know, and the game is built around that. If you are playing with largely ignorant friends, that will work out great, but if, for example, if you are a man who knows things like Christian Louboutin shoes have red soles (guilty, but that’s only because I’m a good husband and watched Sex and the City with my wife), the game will not last very long at all.

The board is quite basic in a good way, essentially playing out as a tug of war over trophies, with the winning team being the first to capture three. At the beginning of a round, the trophy is placed in the middle, and each correct answer moves the trophy one step towards your goal. Answer four questions in a row, or move the trophy into your goal with a bit of back and forth answering and you’ll capture it.

Each side has a box of cards, one with questions for the men, and one for the women. There are five different kinds of questions including trivia, Charades-style action cards, pictures, and more, covering plenty of different topics and interests, though again, it comes down to the hope that the women only know women stuff, and vice versa for men.

Nominally, this is more of a game for grown ups, but there’s no reason teens can’t play, so long as they have some hope of answering the questions.

The GamerPops Recommendation

Battle of the Sexes is a fairly streamlined, fairly fun trivia game, though as with any party game, it’s ultimately going to come down to the people you are playing with or against. If you have friends that enjoy a good trivia game while the children are playing elsewhere, Battle of the Sexes is worth a good laugh.

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