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La Dee Da

La Dee Da

I like to think that this review is the ultimate test of my work at GamerPops. I understand video games, and how to review them. Same for a variety of playsets, board games, books, etc. But give me a fashion doll, and I’ll admit that I don’t have the first clue.

So, I look to my daughter, who still prefers princesses and stuffies over fashion dolls, which has helped delay our having to make a call on a trend that increasingly concerns me: the adultness of dolls aimed at young girls.

It was one thing when Barbie’s unrealistic figure and luxurious wardrobe set an unattainable standard, but Bratz, Monster High, and other toy lines push an even more distorted, sexy image on impressionable young girls that I’m not really comfortable with.


Falling somewhere in between is Spin Master’s new line of La Dee Da dolls, trendy 12″ fashion dolls with an emphasis on  stylish wardrobes and elaborate makeup. However, the dolls are designed with disproportionately large heads and ultra slim bodies and limbs, which is very stylized, but not at all accurate.

For this review, we received City Girl Dee, one of four La Dee Da characters, along with Tylie, Cyanne, and Sloane. Dee’s city fashion includes a dress that can be worn loose or cinched, fishnet leggings that can roll down to become leg warmers, and accessories.

The GamerPops Recommendation

When it comes to any fashion dolls, it seems there are reasons to like them all, and reasons to dislike them all, and it really comes down to parental choice. La Dee Da dolls are certainly not the most offensive fashion dolls on the market, but they still might not be to every parent’s taste. On the plus side, the outfits are fashionable, the characters seem cool, and I have to think girls could have fun with the dolls. On the downside, if you’re a parent who’s concerned about a toy’s effect on a young child’s body image and self esteem, then there’s reason to be concerned here.

Honestly, I’m not really sure what kind of recommendation to give. Personally, I’d prefer to wait until my daughter is a few years older before she gets into these types of dolls, but since it is entirely subjective, I’d say do what you think is best for your family.

A review sample was provided to GamerPops.

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