Transformers Prime: The Game Review

Transformers Prime: The Game Review

The Transformers have enjoyed a video game renaissance in the last couple of years, with two oustanding original titles and a couple of not-terrible movie tie-ins. But that success hasn’t really translated to the Wii.

Transformers Prime: The Game, based on the popular cartoon series, is Activision’s second Transformers game this year, and it offers something to the younger crowd that wasn’t quite old enough for the Teen-rated Fall of Cybertron.

In this latest clash between the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons, Transformers Prime: The Game begins with Megatron’s forces hauling a Dark Energon asteroid into orbit above the Earth.  The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, intercept, battle ensues, and soon the Autobots are scattered across the planet. As the story unfolds, you reunite the team, with the help of the Autobot’s young human companions, to put an end to Megatron’s evil schemes.

Ok, so it’s not original, but the youngsters who are the intended audience for the game shouldn’t mind at all. On that note, the game is rated E10+, but I would suggest that as long as you are comfortable with very sanitized punching and shooting of robots, the game should be just fine for kids a couple of years younger than that recommended age.

Not surprisingly for a licensed title, Transformers Prime is not very long, and has limited replay value. Ideally, it might have been more of a rental, if renting games was still a thing that people could do, but it at least is an excellent representation of the show. The developers have done a very good job capturing the look and the sound of the show, even with the Wii’s limited graphics capabilities.

Through the game, you’ll play at various times as series stalwarts Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Arcee, and Ratchet. Each has their own specific abilities and attacks, with minor differences between the characters, and the levels are designed, albeit simply, to showcase their unique abilities as robots and vehicles. In robot mode, you’ll use melee attacks and your weapons to battle swarms of generic Decepticon baddies, with vehicle-focused segments tossed in to mix up the action. Again, it’s very much for younger audiences, and even those 8-10 year olds might find the action a little too easy.

There’s also a two player mode that is okay as an add-on to the game, but doesn’t really do much to stand out.

The GamerPops Recommendation

Transformers Prime isn’t going to blow anyone away, but it’s a decent action title squarely aimed at 8-10 year old gamers. With time running out for the Wii, there aren’t going to be that many good new titles available for the holidays, which might make this game an even more attractive option for those kids. If you can find a good deal, take a shot.

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ESRB Rating Summary

Rating: Everyone 10+

Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Rating summary: This is an action game in which players assume the role of robot-like aliens (Autobots) from the Transformers franchise. As players explore urban and terrestrial environments (in robot/vehicle form), they use lasers, energy swords, and rockets to dispatch enemy robots. When in robot form, players’ character can also punch and kick robots in closer hand-to-hand combat. Skirmishes are accompanied by battle cries, gunfire/crashing sounds, and colorful sparks; enemies fall to the ground and disappear amid brief explosions.


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