Holiday Gaming for Families

Holiday Gaming for Families

Andy Robertson (@geekdadgamer) is a freelance journalist who runs a Family Game Reviews website (a fellow partner in the Family Video Game Experts) and produces the Family Gaming YouTube channel. He has kindly offered his thoughts on some of the top family video games for the holidays.

The closer we get to Christmas the more lists and advice there is about what families should be buying each other. Choosing videogames can be even harder as it’s difficult to know what they are like before playing them.

Here’s my top GeekDad tips for gaming presents this Christmas.

Wonderbook Book of Spells

Wonderbook Book of Spells offers a new way to engage your family with Harry Potter this Christmas. Just put the book’s blank pages in front of the PlayStation 3 and watch them come to life. It’s all very magical.

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants is a fun way to play together at Christmas, as I mentioned in my Skylanders Review it’s the toys that make it really fun for children. Take note though, you only need a handful to complete the game, trying to collect them all will break the bank.

Rocksmith Teaches Guitar

Rocksmith is an unusual game that offers a rhythm action experience that genuinely takes you into the realm of music tuition. It uses a real electric guitar to play it and teaches gamers of all ages chords and plucking technique.

Pokemon Typing Tutor

Pokemon is usually about collecting all those little friendly (and not so friendly) creatures. But Pokemon Typing Tutor is also a way to get children to improve their typing skills this holiday:

Style Savvy Trendsetter 

Style Savvy Trendsetter sounds like a minigame collection on the 3DS but it is actually much more than that. You have to watch closely as each customer enters the shop and talks to you to decide what they want to wear. Not only that but you get to manage your staff, monitor stock levels, and arrange your window display.

Paper Mario Sticker Star

A slower more considered Mario game. This takes an adventuring rather than platforming route for Mario which makes it much more fun for families because everyone can play it no matter how fast their reactions are.

Nintendo Land Wii U

The only launch title you need on the Nintendo Wii U. There is so much depth and fun to be had in these different themed games that you will be playing this for months to come. A range of abilities and numbers of players on each game make it ideal for families.

Sifteo Cubes

These unusual devices create a new way to play games. They can be tilted and touched but most interestingly when you put them next to each other they know. Puzzles, adventures, and music games make this a surprisingly good way for families to play together.

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4 is super fun on the Wii, PS3 Move, and 360 Kinect. However on the Wii U a 5th player can join in and control the moves everyone has to do. Watch your family get fit and have fun at the same time.

Andy Robertson (@geekdadgamer) is a freelance journalist who runs a Family Game Reviews website and produces the Family Gaming YouTube channel.


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