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Nintendo introduces the Wii Mini – Exclusive to Canada

Nintendo’s focus may be on the new Wii U, but they aren’t giving up completely on the original Wii.

Somewhat surprisingly, Nintendo of Canada has announced the Canadian-exclusive Wii Mini, a revamped Wii with an even smaller footprint, fewer features, and a $100 price tag. On the feature front, the Wii Mini is not internet capable, or is not backwards compatible with GameCube titles. This new system is designed to play Wii games offline, and Wii games only.

While the announcement has been met with ridicule from many in the media, I think there is a market for the Wii Mini. Not a large one mind you, but for families on a limited entertainment budget, a gaming console with a sub-$100 price tag and a huge library of affordable games should be very appealling. It’s easy to get caught up in the core gamer perspective, but there are people out there who aren’t rushing out to get every console at launch, and for those folks, the Wii Mini might be appealling.

I guess we’ll find out if/when the Wii Mini starts rolling out into other markets.


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