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Little Tikes Big Adventure Action Fliers

Little Tikes Big Adventure Action Fliers

Little Tikes Big Adventure Action Fliers doesn’t exactly look like any airport you’ll ever see, but its spiraling and plunging runways should appeal to smaller children because of one important fact: kids love launching things in the air.

That’s the big appeal of the Big Adventure Action Fliers playset, using the ski-jump shaped runway to launch airplanes into the air. Well, that’s what it’s supposed to do anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But odds are, your kids will still be laughing.

To get an airplane to take off from this airport, you load one of the foam planes onto the back of the green truck, line it up at the top of the ramp and let it go. When it hits the end of the ramp, a clever mechanism stops the truck in its tracks, while the foam plane continues to fly up and way.

Sometimes anyway. Sometimes it hits the bottom of the ramp and crashes off the end or flips off the side, taking the plane with it. But to a three-year-old, that can be just as fun as a successful flight.

The set includes two foam airplanes (with stickers), though I do wonder how durable they will be with extensive play. If replacement planes are going to be easily available, that would definitely be encouraging, otherwise you’ll lose the most appealing part of the playset.

The other main feature is a spiral slide wrapped about the airport’s helipad/control tower, which can be used by the truck, or any other similar sized toy vehicles. This one is much less prone to disaster, and for whatever reason, kids just love spiraling race tracks don’t they?

The Action Fliers playset also includes a helicopter, which can land on the control tower in the centre of the spiral. That tower features lights and sounds to help guide the helicopter in, powered by two AA batteries (not included).

The one real issue we did run into is in trying to move this playset. Clearly, with something of this size, you’re going to want to tuck it away when it’s not in use. Unfortunately, the plastic ramp pieces just don’t seem capable of connecting together, so any attempt to move the airport will result in pieces coming off or separating from the base. They are easily repairable for adults, but for young children that’s just inviting frustration and moving on to another toy.

The GamerPops Recommendation

At two feet tall and almost three feet wide, the Little Tikes Big Adventure Action Fliers is a whole lot of toy for small hands to enjoy, even if the airplane launching doesn’t work exactly as advertised. It would be nice if the playset held together better, but there’s a simple appeal and play style that children should be enthused about, as my son demonstrated in the video above.

A review set was provided to GamerPops.

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