NCAA 13’s Most Horrifying Video

NCAA 13’s Most Horrifying Video

I like to believe that there is right in this world, and there is wrong. Some things can be viewed by children, and some things should not be viewed by anyone. Apparently EA Sports does not share these sentiments as they released a trailer for the upcoming NCAA 13 which is bound to horrify college football fans across the world. One of the big features in this year’s edition of the game is to be able to build football teams with past Heisman trophy winners as key pieces. You can insert Barry Sanders into this years Oklahoma State team, and watch him dazzle in Mike Gundy’s offense just like he did back in 1988.

But you can also put these Heisman legends onto any team, which EA decided to show off in this video. Not content to just put these heroes on any old team, the folks at EA decided to put them on their school’s arch rivals teams, creating a horror of epic proportions. Seeing Desmond Howard playing in Notre Dame and *gasp* Ohio State’s putrid uniforms instead of the sleek excellence of Michigan’s brought me close to being ill. If you think you can handle something of this nature, check the video out below. NCAA 13 comes out in July, so you have a little time to wait before getting to create your own abominations.

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