Calvin Johnson Scores Big with Madden 13 Cover

This has been a big week for NFL fans. Last night marked the start of the NFL draft, which has to be the most over-hyped event in all of sports. Seriously, watching the event is worse than watching paint dry, because at least with paint you don’t have announcers babbling in your ear for 15 minutes at a time about nothing.

But I digress.

In more exciting and video game-y news, this week also marked the end of the Madden cover athlete fan vote, another annual event where fans get to voice their opinion on who should grace the front of the most popular sports game franchise. Unlike last year’s unremarkable cover featuring Peyton Hillis of the Browns, this year the vote came down to actually recognizable athletes: Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson of the Detroit Lions. It was a close battle, but in the end Megatron triumphed! Madden 13 will be out at the end of August, so we’ve got some time before anything football related crosses our path again. With that in mind, the NFL draft doesn’t sound too bad anymore…

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