Heavy Rain Demo Impressions (PS3)

For those who were able to solve the puzzle in Precinct 52 (which wasn’t terribly difficult thanks to the internet) you were able to get an early look at the Heavy Rain demo. The demo contained two different playable characters, a P.I. named Scott Shelby and a FBI agent named Norman Jayden.

Without spoiling too much, you get a real feel for the game, taking part in a quicktime interactive fight, search the area for clues, and even open your car door. The game’s controls are a little different than most are used to, as you use R2 to walk, with the right stick used to steer and the left used to interact with things. The game feels like an adult version of a choose your own adventure book, as your conversation choices lead to different things in people.

The demo is just a small portion of the game. I was on the fence about the game prior to the demo, but now I’m on board.

Heavy Rain will be released for the PS3 on February 23.

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